Life Changing Moment..Boom


Flash back to November 26, 1999, thirteen years ago, my life is about to be changed and I don’t even know it.

It is Black Friday and my wife and daughter are out shopping, what a waste of a great day. My boys, Phillip and Heath, and I are camping and boating with a friend Larry Strong. Larry’s three boys, Mark, Trevor, and Travis came with us. We had been looking forward for a long time spending the day out to sea with my boys. We are heading out the Chaskawiska river in Homosassa, Florida.

It is a peaceful day the Carolina Skiff and the Evenrude outboard are doing their job. Larry and I are kicked back, one of his kids, I think Mark is driving the boat as we head out towards the Gulf of Mexico ready for a day of fishing. Blue skys, bright sun, and a breeze in our faces, almost heaven on earth, then WHAM, the motor hit a rock.

I have broken many a shear pin which is not a big deal to replace but this time, we took out the lower unit, the bottom gears in the motor, it was toast. Now we have to paddle in. Our day going out into the Gulf was ruined, capoot, shot. This boat can’t handle roungh water and it can’t handle shallow water either.

Why do they sell so many? I mean Carolina Skiffs are everywhere. Why can’t someone make a boat that runs in extreme shallow water and still remain safe on the high seas, while they are at it, why do boats get such horrible fuel economy? Why can’t someone make a boat that uses less fuel.

Little did I know that I was going to become that person, just give it a few years.

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